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How To Tap Into People’s Motivation

Emotion Drives Motion People bring the whole person to work. If an employee has personal problems, they will have business problems. Tapping into an employee's intrinsic motivator requires understanding their GPS. G = Goals.  What outcomes do they want to achieve? P =...

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How To Eliminate Drama From Your Team

What's stopping your team? As a leader one of your main assignments is to facilitate work.  It's not to do it all yourself.  The best leaders get great results through others by engaging their team in the mission.  Inevitably you'll face this one challenge - Drama....

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Episode 007 – Becoming a Bigger Person – Podcast

Out-In-Out Principle: Out: Look out and see what needs to be changed. See the blind spots of your organization. When your emotionally invested in a project your vision is fuzzy. You can’t read the label when you’re in the bottle. You can’t change what you don’t see...

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Episode 002 Four Ways To Grow Yourself – Podcast

Be Aware Knowing is the enemy of learning. If you're not aware of a problem, you'll never reach for an answer. When you're aware of the needs in your life, then you'll know what answers to look for. What do you need to know more about? Be Teachable Your answers are...

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Why I Can’t Fix Your People

You can’t fix anyone “Dennis, can you come for a day and just fix our people?”  This is the tragic question I get asked frequently.  Truthfully I can’t fix anyone and neither can you.  In fact, I barely can get our dog, Allie, to go to the bathroom outdoors.  If I...

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