Need a speaker for your event?

Finding the right speaker for an event can be a challenge. We know the success of your event comes down to the quality of the speakers you hire. If they do great, you look great. If they are mediocre, it makes your job harder.

Dennis McIntee is an energetic keynote speaker (link to About page) that will teach your audience practical leadership tools they can immediately implement. His goal is to be the best and easiest speaker you’ve ever worked with. Sessions with Dennis cover topics like how to produce outcomes through people, how to get rid of the drama on your team and how to accomplish more in less time.

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Keynote Speaking

Every audience and event coordinator can count on a dynamic experience with Dennis McIntee as their keynote speaker. He combines his experiences as an international trainer, keynote speaker, and corporate leadership coach (link to Solutions page) while engaging with the audience on a personal level. He is committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas to impact today’s progressive leadership conferences, healthcare organizations, or sales meetings.

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The Drama-Free Value Promise™ From Keynote Speaker, Dennis McIntee

  • I’ll make clear agreements and always follow through.
  • Above all else, your success is my honor. I’ll make sure you’re the hero, not me.
  • I’ll walk beside you to make sure the event or training is an amazing success. Together, we’ll brainstorm strategies to maximize your investment.
  • I’m here to serve. The training, coaching or event is all about the audience and how I can help them.
  • Together we will design a customized learning process for your group. From personal action plans to on-demand resources, I’ll create a customized strategy so people take action and get results.

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Keynote Speaking Sessions

Dennis is committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas at every session. His sessions can vary in time, based on the needs of your event.

From Drama Team to Dream Team

The Culture You Create, Determines The Results You Produce

In this keynote presentation, Dennis teaches leaders how to take their drama team to a dream team. You don’t have to tolerate the drama. You can lead a high-trust, high-performance team that produces results. And you can do it without putting in more hours or working harder. After learning these strategies, you can immediately implement them to improve performance and create growth.

Learning Objectives

• Develop The Drama-Free Communication Process for clarifying expectations.

• Learn how to move from adult to child interactions to adult to adult conversations so you accomplish more in less time.

• Understand the 2 components of every successful meeting.

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If You Can See It, You Can Change It

3 Keys to Navigating Change

There are so many opportunities for organizations to grow with their current teams yet many leaders still face hurdles. This keynote prepares leaders to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive environment. Because our workforce and customers are changing, the approach to effective leadership needs to evolve. Traditional carrot and stick type leadership no longer works. High-trust, high-performance environments demand a more collaborative approach to managing performance. As the author of several books on leadership (link to Products page), Dennis offers a keynote on navigating changing workplace culture.

Learning Objectives

• Learn to master the art of effective feedback that eliminates the drama.

• Discover how to emotionally detach from issues to increase the speed of change.

• Explore how leaders can embrace and also navigate change.

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The Drama-Free Leader

You Teach What You Know, But Produce Who You Are

To create a drama-free team, you first must become a drama-free leader. Some leaders play the game, “Simon Says” in their organizations, but great leaders know the real game is “Follow The Leader”. This keynote explores tools on self-management because it’s important to lead yourself well. Dennis is also the author of several books on leadership and self development (link to Products page)

Learning Objectives

• Learn the 3 skills for effective self-management.

• Explore how to increase the level of trust with your team.

• Discover how learning to manage your emotional state is the hidden secret to high-performance.

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Pain Management For Leaders

You Only Grow To Your Pain Tolerance

Leading people can be a messy business. We create policies, procedures and systems and expect people to follow them. But sometimes this doesn’t always go the way we plan. It’s because behavior drives outcomes and if behavior doesn’t change, nothing changes, no matter what policy you put in place. This keynote provides practical strategies for managers to get more done in less time without the drama.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the 4 pains of management and how to overcome them.
  • Learn the 2 skills every manager needs in leading their teams.
  • Develop a personalized action plan to changing behavior.

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Workshops & Train The Trainer Certifications

In order to best leverage your investment, we provide customized workshops and Train The Trainer Certifications for your own staff that enable you to have an asset not just a training event. Our interactive learning process creates greater retention, engaging participants immediately.

Our most popular workshops and Train the Trainer Certifications include:

  • New Hire Orientation and Onboarding of New Hires
  • Service Excellence (Customer Service/Patient Satisfaction)
  • Team Leadership (Self-Directed Work Teams, Team Effectiveness)
  • Meeting Management
  • Coaching Skills For Managers