Leadership Development Group

From leadership training to keynote speaking, let the Leadership Development Group help you discover the freedom of a better & more productive work culture.

Do you wish your job was better?

It seems like there are so many aspects to consider when you ask yourself that question; Do I love what I do? Am I leading my team well? Do I like the culture at work? Do I enjoy my coworkers? Are we accomplishing what we should? Chances are, there is probably at least one thing about your job you wish was better. Maybe you’re wanting to be a better leader and facilitate more growth. Or maybe you wish the culture at work was different and that your team could get past the drama and get on to better results.

The Leadership Development Group

The Leadership Development Group knows how frustrating it is to waste time fighting through the unnecessary drama at work and wishing you and your teams were more successful. Since 2005, we have helped over 2,000 organizations become drama free and, as a result, significantly increase their productivity. We come alongside leaders to help with management training and team building. Our goal is to help increase employee engagement and employee retention. Dennis McIntee, our CEO , a gifted keynote speaker and author, travels across the US speaking at leadership summits, management training events and healthcare conferences.

If you’re ready to get past the drama and get on to better outcomes simply…

  1. Schedule a strategy call with our CEO, Dennis McIntee
  2. Learn how to successfully create a drama free & thriving work culture
  3. Love where you work and the people you work with

If you’re not yet ready to schedule a strategy call, check out our FREE Excuse Buster Video & Worksheet! Learn how to eliminate the most common excuses team members make.. You can also browse our blog or contact us if you have questions about leadership or developing a better work culture.

Don’t waste any more time hashing out unnecessary drama at work.

Let the Leadership Development Group help you discover the freedom of a better work culture.