Subscription Program

Team Talks is a subscription program delivering content to your email inbox once a week for leading team meetings, employee huddles, or one-on-one sessions.

It’s all done for you–weekly inspirational thoughts and questions to ask your team to get them talking!

How Do I Use It

We have all been there. We have a weekly huddle with our team and find ourselves scanning the internet and social media for something inspirational to share. Or, we put absolutely zero thought into the meeting and it’s another 30 minutes of wasted time. Your team members may leave uninspired and maybe even disgruntled.

Retention is important now more than ever. What if these weekly meetings actually were valuable and offered encouragement, motivation and the leadership development your team members crave?

The Team Talks subscription program solves that problem by providing weekly content to use in your team meetings that will inspire, boost productivity, and create opportunities to grow your team members into leaders.

What’s included each month

Week 1: Thinking Tool with instructions for how to best maximize the tool with your team for 30-minute monthly meetings

Week 2: Huddle Starter content for 15-minute stand up meeting

Week 3: Huddle Starter content for 15-minute stand up meeting

Week 4: Huddle Starter content and Review Recap tool for 15-minute stand up meeting and optional 10 minute recap session

How Much Does It Cost

$30/month or a year’s subscription for $330.