Episode 001 The Culture You Create Determines The Results You Enjoy – Podcast



  • Jonathan Milligan
  • Rebecca Livermore
  • I will be the same next year except for the people I meet and the books I read.
  • Big doors swing on little hinges.
  • Anywhere you want to go is through a bridge of relationships

Personal Growth

  • There is no business growth without personal growth.
  • Once you fix the personal problem, the business problem will go away.
  • It’s our behavior that’s producing our results.
  • Win the internal game of leadership & sales.

Leading a Team

  • Execution trumps strategy.
  • Leadership is getting results through people.
  • You have whatever you create or whatever you allow.
  • The culture you create generates the results you enjoy.
  • Top 3 things team members need:  Appreciation, Help with personal problems, Feeling in on things.
  • Continuous learning is the answer to change.


Ask yourself:

How can you show appreciation?

Who can you help feel in on things?

Who can you help with a personal problem?


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