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Dennis and Lisa McIntee are experts in drama free living. Through the work of Leadership Development Group, they have helped over 2,000 companies eliminate drama in the workplace and increase their productivity as a result. Now, they are taking the lessons usually delivered onstage, through their book, or via consulting conversations straight to you through the Drama Free Living podcast.

From tactics you can apply today to longer term strategies with intermittent steps, we will teach you how to move forward and meet your goals through the freedom of living drama free. Each episode includes easy to digest tactics and often features guest experts on specific topics.

Are you stuck in frustration?

Are you stuck in frustration? Wasting time reacting to others instead of focusing on what matters most?

The Trigger Identifier™ is a six step proven process to help you become less reactive and more strategic. Because every problem has an emotion attached to it, you can get stuck in an endless cycle of stress and drama. But when you understand your triggers, you’ll harness the power of your emotions faster and easier.