The Leadership Roundtable™ is a professionally facilitated advisory group of entrepreneurs, owners, and business executives that digs deep into the challenges and important issues you face as a business leader.

The group meets face-to-face once a quarter to solve problems, evaluate opportunities, and work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues. These meetings are confidential forums that produce clarity, action plans, and the accountability needed to take your business to the next level.

Through the quarterly meetings, focused calls, tailored resources, and unlimited support you can achieve the results you’ve been looking for that take your business to the next level.





As a leader, you face unique demands and challenges in your personal and professional life. And the higher you go, the fewer people understand you. The market constantly fluctuates. Teams change and expand. You’re a successful leader, but you know there’s something more you can be doing. 

Are you a leader who is… 

By joining Leadership Roundtable™, you will become part of a group of people just like you who face the day to day struggles of creating a successful business and can give you the feedback you need to see the blind spots that are hindering your growth. 

Roundtable members come from a wide variety of industries so that you can think outside the box and break paradigms that plague problem solving. You will be joining a community where it is safe to share your goals and ambitions without people feeling envious. 

The yearlong coaching model of The Leadership Roundtable™ helps you structure your professional life so you focus on doing what you love, delegating the rest, and creating space for your family and closer relationships. 

We divide the year into four 90-day laser focused windows. In each quarter, you’ll concentrate on developing one new capability, addressing one major challenge, and committing to one new action step that upgrades your personal and professional life. 

Don’t spend another year trapped in the grind of the hamster wheel or sacrificing your personal life to grow your organization. You don’t have to constantly feel overwhelmed and overworked. 

Instead, you can live a more fulfilling personal life while still growing your business. It’s all possible with The Leadership Roundtable™.


At The Leadership Roundtable™, leaders from across the nation come together to transform challenges into opportunities, develop clarity in their business strategies, and activate personal and professional growth.

As a member of The Leadership Roundtable™, you can expect to: 

Leading an organization can be frustrating, overwhelming, and lonely. But you don’t have to stay trapped where you are in your personal and professional life. 

The Leadership Roundtable™ provides a community of leaders with multi-market experience, so you can get fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking from leaders in a variety of industries. 

Not only will you be able to surround yourself with people who “get you,” but you’ll also get the insight, accountability, and peer support that you need to get to the next level. 

The well-rounded focus of The Leadership Roundtable™ ensures that you won’t have to sacrifice your health or leadership to grow your business. Instead, you’ll learn the strategies to increase the quality of your life and spend more time doing the things you love.


Quarterly Meetings
Members of The Leadership Roundtable™ make a one-year commitment to meet every 90 days for professional and personal development. As a member, you’ll receive feedback, support, and accountability in order to make the best decisions on the key issues you’re facing. From laser focus check-ins to guided discussions on business development strategies and the Hot Seat sessions, the quarterly meeting is designed to be a catalyst from your growth and provide the accountability needed to take action. The members also meet for dinner the evening before the Roundtable to create genuine connection and dive into meaningful conversation.

The Hot Seat
A highlight of the quarterly meetings is the Hot Seat experience, where you will have 30 minutes intently focused on solving your biggest challenge. You’ll answer clarifying questions from fellow members, receive suggestions from the group, and commit to the actions you will take to address the problem. The Hot Seat is a key component to removing barriers between you and the success you desire. With specific insight from others, you can clear up tunnel vision and gain a fresh perspective that leads to unprecedented results. 

Monthly Focused Calls
Your growth continues past the quarterly meetings with monthly one-on-one focused calls designed to increase clarity so that you continue to focus on the essentials. These calls help you stay on track for personal and professional development, and tackle challenges head-on with personalized support. 

Unlimited Support and Community
Feel like you hit a roadblock and don’t know what to do next? Members of The Leadership Roundtable™ have exclusive access to the Leadership Development Group team, who will give guidance regarding personal or professional development. You’ll also be a part of a diverse community of business leaders and entrepreneurs that can provide you with encouragement, support, and feedback.

Tailored Resources
Each quarter, members of The Leadership Roundtable™ receive tools and resources tailored to their unique needs as a leader. You will also have the opportunity to access on-demand team training, book reviews, and digital products designed to help you grow and thrive in your role.


The impact of The Leadership Roundtable™ is concrete. Current and past members have seen real results in their personal and professional lives. Listen to what these participants have to say about the power of The Leadership Roundtable™.

“My biggest surprise from joining the Leadership Roundtable is the amount of personal growth that I have received. My confidence is up, and I find myself enjoying my team even more.”

“When we met, I was seeking some help with focus in my life and business. Since then, I’ve doubled my business, taken a year-long trip with my family, and achieved true clarity on my big picture purpose. I am so thankful for our coaching sessions and for you helping me to get where I need to go so that I can find ways to give back more to my community.”

“The Leadership Roundtable™ forces me to step back and look at the big picture. It gives me time to do some business planning and see where I’m at before I continue forward for the next three months.”

“The greatest benefit of The Leadership Roundtable™ is being able to do life and work with people in similar positions professionally. You don’t always run into people that experience the same issues that you’re experiencing. I think that’s been the most valuable.”

“If I hadn’t joined The Leadership Roundtable™, my company would not be as far along as it is now.”

“The Leadership Roundtable™ has been great for me to be around other common-minded business people. It’s been a really great growth for us as a business and personally.” 

“I think one of the most surprising benefits of being part of The Leadership Roundtable™ is the relationships that we’ve developed with other business owners and other folks in the community. The folks in The Leadership Roundtable™ really become like a family to you. There’s a lot of transparency, honesty, and courage in all the conversations that we’re having.”

“Because of The Leadership Roundtable™, I’m a completely different person. Our business has grown. My confidence level has radically shifted. I know how to run our company. I know how to market it. I know who we are—all because of what The Leadership Roundtable™ did for me. Our company will never be the same because of The Leadership Roundtable™.”


The mission of The Leadership Roundtable™ is to quickly develop camaraderie and accountability between a unique set of entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders, creating tangible positive impact in their business that results in exponential business and personal growth. Through quarterly meetings and ongoing support, members are empowered to overcome challenges, pursue strategic growth, and see incredible results. 


The Leadership Roundtable™  is not for everyone. Before embarking on this transformative journey, assess your readiness with the questions below.

The Leadership Roundtable™ demands a certain level of time, energy, and commitment to provide the outcomes you want to achieve. Your mental readiness will be a key factor in reaching those goals. 


You don’t have to waste another year feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and uncertain about achieving your goals as a leader or business owner. With The Leadership Roundtable™, you can gain the courage to step into your bigger future and create the business you envision.

No more running around with your hair on fire, ending the day tired and worn out, wondering what happened. You deserve to have peace of mind, knowing you have built an organization that closes your open loops, is accountable, and is responsible for the results. 

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