Meet The Team


Dennis McIntee

CEO and Co-Founder

Dennis McIntee, a business consultant, gifted keynote speaker, executive coach and author, travels across the world speaking at leadership summits, management training events and healthcare conferences, to name a few. His three-decade career included stints in Africa, Poland, Germany, and throughout greater Europe where he coached and consulted with growing leaders. Through his experience, Dennis developed a systematic approach to helping his clients reach their goals through coaching, speaking, courses, and teaching techniques that enact transformational change.

Ultimately, Dennis is passionate about helping leaders create high-trust, high-performance cultures while becoming the best version of themselves they can be.

Dennis is also the author of The 8 Qualities of Drama Free Teams, The Power of Pursuit, and Drama Free Teams in Healthcare.

He has been married to his wife, Lisa, for over 30 years and together they have four children. Dennis is an avid runner and enjoys training for races.


Lisa McIntee

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

As Dennis’s arguably better half, Lisa McIntee is the strategic thread and pragmatic problem solver behind Leadership Development Group. If Dennis is building a vision, Lisa is figuring out how to make it happen. She is responsible for the operational and fiscal side of the business, as well as assisting in the development of content for mediums like the podcast and training tools. Lisa also takes on a key managerial role, leading the internal Leadership Development Group team and ensuring they are happy and fulfilled.

As a mother to four children, she is an organized leader and professional scheduler. Lisa is passionate about mental and physical health and spends her free time outdoors.


Nancy Benavides

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Coach

Nancy joined Leadership Development Group in 2020 as Chief Operating Officer. In this role, she oversees administrative functions, develops processes and procedures to improve internal operations, and generates new revenue streams.

As an Executive Coach, Nancy is trained and certified to facilitate 4D and Working Genius psychometric assessments and analysis and implement leadership development coaching strategies for individuals and teams. This results in accelerated growth and ever-improving career and job satisfaction for her clients.

Nancy began her career with McDonald’s Corporation in the US and later became the operations liaison for McDonald’s in Colombia, South America. In 2017, Nancy launched her consulting and coaching practice, Activating Volunteers, where she published her first book.

Nancy currently lives in Sarasota, Florida. She serves on the board of two nonprofit organizations and is a past mentor for SCORE Manasota. In her free time, Nancy enjoys traveling and exploring the wonders of nature.


Melodie Webber

Sales and Marketing

Melodie is responsible for identifying and connecting new clients who are a strong fit for the organizational mission. She regularly liaises with trade groups and associations, event planners, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to formulate partnerships based on each client’s specific needs.

Melodie has a solid background in sales and marketing in the technology and banking industries. She also has an entrepreneurial streak and founded and operated her own home cleaning company for seven years before entering the sales field.

Melodie has four children and is a passionate volunteer with the Foster Care Review Board.


Mary Grace Lobo

Client Relations

Mary Grace leads the client relations arm of Leadership Development Group by focusing on customer service, communications, and making logistical magic happen. She is chiefly responsible for all of the coordination associated with the Leadership Roundtable Program and is driven by the desire to provide exceptional experiences. If details are involved, Mary Grace is making sure they happen.

Mary Grace’s past experience focused on real estate administrative support and agent services, as well as volunteer work in Central America. Her free time is spent with her husband, Nicholas,  and their two cats.



Rick Powell

Executive Coach

Rick Powell is an Executive Coach with Leadership Development Group, where he focuses on working with C-level executives, boards of directors, and frontline supervisors to help them identify and develop the business and life skills needed for their personal and organizational success. He has 40+ years of experience in the military, financial services, and nonprofit sectors.


Rick’s broad real-world experience and education has helped him develop and refine his coaching, training, and presentation skills. These experiences, along with successes and failures, has instilled in him a desire to help others grow their skills. He has logged thousands of hours of coaching with an emphasis on finding gaps, bridging those gaps, uncovering barriers to success, and helping folks develop the skills needed to eliminate those barriers.

Rick is a credentialed mediator, arbitrator, and chaplain. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 45 years. He has two children and six “perfect” grandchildren. When he’s not mentoring, coaching, training, or presenting, you will most likely find him enjoying his family, working on his farm, or traveling.

MP Headshot

Marci Powell

Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker

Marci Powell is an Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker who has been at the forefront of many pioneering advancements in the workplace for the last 25 years. Marci’s futurist mindset and thought leadership have enabled her to provide strategic guidance to countless companies on how to revolutionize the way they work, adapt, and do business in the next generation workplace.


As an internationally renowned keynote speaker, business consultant, and author, Marci has worked remotely enjoying an award-winning and successful career with leadership roles in finance, education, telecommunications, and manufacturing. She has managed globally diverse teams and inspired over 100,000 leaders, employees, and students across six continents.

Marci has worked with industry titans like AT&T, FedEx, NASA, Deloitte, Daimler, and Stryker International, as well as numerous universities, ministries, and small-to-enterprise sized businesses across the world.

Focusing on helping organizations grow professionally and innovate their processes,
Marci has gained heavy renown as a pioneer in distance education and remote learning
and working. When not traveling or working, you can find her enjoying coffee on her back porch or dressed head to toe in her Hogwarts costumes with her grandchildren.


Steve Miller

Keynote Speaker and Entrepreneur

Steve Miller is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built successful businesses across multiple industries.

Steve’s 20+ years as an entrepreneur has given him real-world experience which translates into easy-to-use principles for everyday life in the business world. His passion is inspiring people to be brave in their ambitions, even if they fail initially. When you listen to Steve, you will find your strength to lead others, be encouraged to pursue ideas you have shelved and make the calls you have postponed.

Steve is the creator of leadership workshops and training programs. His unique approach, grounded in everyday life, relaxes the audience so they can participate in the learning process. Steve is married and has three children. When not working, Steve is involved in his local community and coaches basketball. He has completed two Iron Man triathlons and enjoys mountain biking, and scuba diving.

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