Episode 003 Three Reasons Why You Won’t Hit Your Goals – Podcast


  • What do you demand of yourself?
  • You never make a change unless you make a demand on yourself.
  • Whatever you demand of yourself is what you accomplish.

1.  You lose focus

  • The reason people fail is broken focus.
  • How do you focus on your goals? Do you put them before you?
  • Whatever you give attention to, you’ll have energy for.
  • You only live life once, but if you live it right, once is enough.

2. You don’t become the person you need to become

  • Personal growth has little to do with time.
  • You won’t change on the outside if you don’t change on the inside.
  • Your inputs determine your outputs.
  • Being is always greater than doing.
  • Your present lifestyle is determined by what’s inside of you.
  • Be a big person and you’ll do big things.
  • As your ability and awareness increases, you will increase.
  • Nothing makes a better impression on other people than managing yourself.
  • Motion is generated by emotion.
  • If you don’t value yourself you won’t value your time.
  • Many people live busy but unproductive lives.
  • Do you have a stop doing list?
  • What’s the one thing today that I need to do to move my business forward?
  • The enemy of effectiveness is busyness.
  • Your mind gives back to you, what you put into it.
  • If I can’t lead myself, others don’t follow me.

3. You don’t have a big enough why

  • How clear is your why?
  • When it’s clear to you, you can communicate it clearly
  • If people don’t buy into your why, they won’t do your how.
  • Your why is your motivation.


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