A harvest of trust

Create Trust Like A Farmer Creates A Harvest

  • Trust affects the speed of business.
  • You can create an environment of trust.
  • When trust is high, you get projects done with less drama.
  • Every farmer is convinced in sowing and reaping.
  • They believe the harvest is hidden in the seed..
  • Trust is just like seed.

1. A farmer prepares the ground

  • You have to prepare the ground of your team by talking about trust.
  • Your words create expectancy.
  • Show them what a high-trust high performance team can look like.
  • Close the gap between expectations and reality.
  • The bigger that gap between expectations and reality, the larger the drama.

2. A farmer sows the seed

  • You have to sow the seed of trust first.
  • As a leader you go first. You give trust first.
  • You will never have the things you want in your organization unless you give them first.
  • Earn your team’s heart by first giving yours.
  • The greater the risk, the greater the reward.
  • You trust your people first.
  • The more transparent you are, the easier it is to see your heart.
  • People connect with your why, before they connect with your how.
  • Don’t be self-oriented, but become other oriented.

3. A farmer waters that ground

  • Trust does not occur in one event.
  • Change transpires in a process, not a one-time event.
  • Don’t give up and revert to the carrot and stick approach of management.
  • Changing culture takes a process.
  • Values and beliefs take time to change.
  • When you have trust, people motivate themselves.
  • When you create a high-trust, high-performance culture, that culture will give you want you want.

Who can you give trust to?