Episode 005 – Leading and Selling With Purpose – Podcast


• People that sell with a noble purpose – truly wanting to make a difference to customers – consistently outsold the people that were only focused on goals and money.
• Top performers are driven by purpose not money.
• Mindset drives behavior.
• The way you think about something determines your approach and directs your actions.
• Companies that put improving people’s lives at the center of what they do outperform others.
• It’s impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life.  It’s impossible to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.
• Customers can tell the difference between sales people who care about them and those who care only about having their business.
• When the customer is nothing more than a number, you become a number to them.
• Revenue to not the purpose, it just tells of our effectiveness.
• Purpose is the secret to making more sales.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

• What impact do you and your company have on your customers?
• How are you different than the competition?
• On your best day, what do you love about your job?
• How do we make a difference to our customers?
• How do we improve the customers condition?
• How will the customer be different as a result of doing business with us?
• Will doing business with you, get your customers better results?

Average Performers:

• Focus on the company
• Have a plan
• Want to be successful
• Think product/service, then customer
• Like their job

Top Performers:

• Focus on the company and the customer:   they hold 2 goals in their head.
• Have a plan and remain flexible:  Can live with uncertainty.
• Want success for everyone: They have a positive impact on everyone they meet.  What does success look like for your customer?  Creating success for others is the way you create success for yourself.
• Think customer, then product:  I have this customer, how might my solution be helpful?  Focus your conversation around their goals and environment, not our service.
• Love their job:  2 emotions: love and fear.  They are passionate about their company and customers.  Love is caring passionately about something other than yourself.

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