3 Ideas For Every Team Leader

missing pieceThis morning I pulled out Keith Ferrazzi’s book, “Never Eat Alone”.  I have a handful of books that I pull out about once a year.  Repetition is the mother of learning and I am constantly re-visiting principles and concepts in order to integrate them into my life.  It’s not necessarily what you know, but what you do that produces results.  To take knowledge to action, I need integration.  These are 3 big ideas from “Never Eat Alone” every leader needs to include in their life:

Be Generous

Leading with generosity is a great way to get someone’s attention.  I want to find out what my team needs to be happy in every dimension of their life and figure out what I can do to help them get there.  We both benefit when we make success happen for both of us.

Be Vulnerable

It does no good to withhold information, so take the risk and reveal you.  When you share your vulnerabilities you allow yourself to get rid of them.  Authenticity is the art of being real.  Share your passions and your goals.

Be Candid

When I work with teams, one of the chief complaints I hear is, “Dennis, I just don’t get much feedback”.  My research has proven that the thing people need the most and get the least of is, constructive feedback on their own behavior.  When your team members can see it, they can change it!

What are other principles leaders need to integrate when working with their teams?


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