4 Steps To Achieving Your Goals

When you get better, everything gets better!

This video was recorded at my home gym, Performance QSA.  Success in life is not easy but the process is quite simple.  I’ve gotten stuck in areas of my life when I believed the project I was focusing on was complex.  Have you ever been there?  You believe it’s too hard and so you take no action.  Don’t let complexity stop you.  The most important thing you need to know is what to do next!  Here are 4 simple steps that I’ve used to produce the results I want for my life!

Step 1  Know what you want

Clarity is power.  When I’m clear on what I want, I know what to reach for.  What do you want financially, relationally, or in your career?

Step 2  Find someone who has already done it

Anything you want in life is something someone has already done.  The bridge from here to there is a bridge of relationships.  There are people around you that have your answers.  Who is the expert you need to learn from?

Step 3  Discover what they did

Success always leaves clues!  What was the strategy this person used to get the results that you also want?

Step 4  Do it

Action is what separates winners from losers.  Action is what generates our rewards.  What are you going to do today to move yourself closer to your goal?


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