Decisions Are Personal But Never Private

I was talking the other day about how to motivate your team with Mark Lay, the president of AA TEX LAWNS in Charlotte, NC and was reminded that there are many variables that play into motivation. Honestly, if you are only tying motivation to compensation you are missing the boat! Your decisions as a leader tremendously influence the motivation of those around you!

Even though our decisions are personal, they always affect more people than just ourselves. If I decide to make a career change, then that affects my family and many others! I’ve realized that because two of my main drivers are significance and uncertainty I tend to make quick decisions without thinking about the consequences.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Decide

Who is affected by this decision?
How are they affected by that decision?
Is this the right decision?

In my discussion with Mark I realized that the greater responsibility you have…the more powerful your decisions become. This is part of the price of leadership! It’s quite a responsibility!  What is your process for decision making?