Do you know your Why?

Great achievers know WHY they are here!  I’m convinced you have the know the WHY before you know the what.  Hidden inside of your WHY is the secret to passion and energy.  WHY are you doing what you’re doing?

Motivation is a by-product of a clear WHY.  If you’re lacking motivation today, re-discover your WHY.  Why did you start that business?  Why did you get married?  Why did you have kids?  Why do you want to be successful?  Having a clear WHY invigorates your passion.

“When your heart decides the destination your mind will draw the map”

When you really decide what you want and why you want it…when you’re totally congruent in your heart that you deserve your dream…it’s at that point that you mind begins to go to work to create that which you’ve envisioned.  The sad truth is that few people ever get to the point of congruency in their heart.  The place where they are completely convinced that they are destined to accomplish their dream.

Take minute today and ask yourself WHY.  When you have a strong WHY you can endure the how!