Achieving Drama Free Productivity

One of our favorite topics to train on in our workshops or Leadership Roundtable sessions is Drama Free Productivity. Productivity typically has a negative connotation because we associate it with the stress and pressures of getting more and more and more done. Productivity tends to have a negative connotation because we associate it with pressure and the never-ending rat race of achieving more and more with greater speed. We treat our brains as if they were computers but our brains were meant for spontaneous creativity. We are human beings, not human “doings.”

However, when done correctly productivity means accomplishing more in less time and with less stress. True drama free productivity brings a sense of progress that is a huge motivating factor for most of us. There is joy in producing and creating, in leaving a mark on the world…as long as you get off the flywheel first. 

Here is how you do it:

Set good boundaries: Work expands to the time you allot so be intentional about when you are working and how much time you really need to accomplish certain tasks. If you are working, work and if you are playing, play. Don’t spend your play time chained to your phone reading work messages and vice versa. 

Be playful: Productive people are playful people and to achieve this goal, you must be intentional with your play time to keep it to things you really enjoy. Every quarter, we ask our Leadership Roundtable participants to do an activity assessment to literally measure activities as joyful or joyless. Our goal is to eliminate the things that do not bring us joy and to find places where productivity feels like play.

Manage your expectations: You cannot do it all. Sometimes our productivity mentality is bigger than our capability. Be realistic and also track your progress by literally writing down your achievements so you feel good about what you did achieve–it is probably more than you think.

Create a Top 3 list every day: This is one of our most important pieces of guidance. By focusing on three things to achieve every day, and even sharing those three things with an accountability partner, your brain is able to focus and ensure the most important things are getting done.

Create a “stop doing” list: This is just as important as a to-do list. By figuring out what you need to delegate or simply quit, you are freeing energy to focus on what is important and removing things that steal your joy. If it is not producing results, you need to make it stop.

Manage your personal energy: Know when you are most productive and maximize that time. Also know what it takes to fill your cup and ensure you are getting the sleep, movement, and nutrition you need to perform at your best. 

We believe you have the power to be incredibly productive and playful…with joy in the journey. If you are struggling with any of these tasks, take a reset using our gift to you, This five-day challenge invites you to realign your focus and take one small step each day to drama free productivity.

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