Coaching Questions That Produce Results

coaching questionsDon’t Manage People, Lead People

People do not want to be managed but led.  You can manage things, but you can’t manage people.  You manage things you can control and people are not in this category.  I mention in my events I have trouble controlling my dog so how could I ever control you?  Though you can’t manage people, you can mange the agreements you have with them.  Creating upfront agreements allow you to have adult-to-adult coaching conversations, that allow you stay out of the control zone.  People want a leader not a controller.

Lead People Through Inspiration

The best way to lead people is through inspiration.  It occurs quickest when others understand your reasoning.  You have to share your why before people buy into your how.  Most are searching for meaning; they are looking for the reason to do what they should be doing.  As a leader give them a reason to do good.  Simply tell them why!

Inspiration Creates Problem-Solvers

When your team is inspired, they bring their own creativity to problem solving.  If you’re leading an entrepreneurial organization you don’t want a bunch of robots that only do exactly what you say.  You want problem solvers.  Employees that solve problems on their own, not coming to you for every decision.  Great coaching creates great problem solvers.

Problem-Solvers Use Questions

The best coaches ask the best questions.  They know that if they have all the answers for their teams, then the team will only have questions.  If you always give me the answer, I will always have a question for you.  Organizations that have only one leader as the problem-solver bottleneck the team.  As a developer of people, your job is to grow the people around you.  Help them develop so they solve their own problems!  When you ask great questions you draw out what they are thinking.  Once you do that, you can mold and shape their life.  When someone comes to you with a challenge, try this question:

What are you going to do about that problem you have?

This question helps you stay out of the drama triangle.  It pre-supposes you can solve your own problems.  It focuses the ownership of problems on the right person.  When people understand they are powerful enough to solve their own problems, it helps them take responsibility for their actions.  The more ownership your team takes, the quicker you have results.

What are other coaching questions you use?

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