Free Coaching Skills Checklist

Great Leaders are Great Coaches

My Name is Dennis McIntee and I have dedicated my life to helping Leaders be Great Coaches.

Most people get into positions of leadership because honestly, they are just great people with good character. But it takes more than being a great person to become an effective manager.

Leadership is not just about managing tasks but it involves coaching people. And sometimes the best players don’t make the finest coaches.

But this won’t be you!

You’re taking downloading this resource. You’re the kind of person that makes the investment to develop themselves. You know that when you get better, your teams get better. Way to go!

Many of my best clients love The Coaching Skills Checklist. It pinpoints the 25 key skills you need to develop in order to bring out the best in your people. Use this resource as a developmental tool to obtain the skills you need to be the best leader you can be!