It’s that time of year when we naturally assess how the year went, if we met expectations (either stated or unstated), and tend to cast a vision for the future. While we absolutely believe in the power of intentionality, we also recognize it can cause stress and the infamous “shoulding” on ourselves and others.

So today, we have three alternatives to making resolutions this year:

  1. Value is created in the now. Don’t be so future focused that you forget you are only able to live in this moment and on this day you were given.
  2. Nothing has meaning but the meaning you give it. You decide what the meaning of today is. What the meaning of your past is. What your interactions are.
  3. Whatever you are grateful for always increases. Whatever appreciates, goes up in value. When you appreciate people, they become more valuable and better people.

If you take one thing away from today’s Mojo, it is this: Gratefulness is Greater than Resolutions. So, what are you grateful for? Email [email protected] and let us know. By writing it down, you are one step closer to finding value.