Influence is Based on Trust

Trust is never static.  Everything you do impacts others’ level of trust in you because there is a difference between being trustworthy and being trusted.  How you behave as a leader is always under the microscope, so be very conscious of whether you are building or diminishing trust.

Have you ever mistakenly mistrusted someone who was in fact trustworthy?  A common misconception is that honesty alone breeds trust.  Bridging the trust gap is a marriage of character and skill.

The 4 Elements of Trust


I say what I mean and I mean what I say.


I am receptive to others’ ideas and opinions and give my own.


I do not judge other people.


You can count on me to keep my commitments.

2 Things to do Today to Increase Your Trust with People

1.  Identifying which elements you are strongest in.

These are indicators of your signature strengths.  Play them as your trump cards.

2.  Realize which elements require more of your energy.

This is a clue to a personal constraint.  Push yourself to do the uncomfortable and operate within this element.

Increasing your trust level increases your impact, elevating your influence!  How important is influence for you?