Myths Of Leadership

1.  If I’m not at the top, I can’t lead.

  • Build relationships with others to gain influence naturally.
  • Leadership is about valuing people, caring about them and getting permission to lead them.
  • People follow you, because they want to.
  • Every level of a company depends on leadership from someone.

2. When I get to the top, I will lead.

  • Being a leader is a lifetime process.
  • When the opportunity arises then it’s too late to prepare

3. When I get to the top I won’t be limited.

  • As you move up, your responsibility increases.
  • As a leader: Connect with people, find a common ground and empower them to succeed.
  • When you go up, the pressure is greater and your decisions have more impact.

Mangers vs Leaders

  • Managers make people feel stupid and lazy, but leaders free people to be smart and motivated.
  • Managers use titles to demand respect and require submission but leaders inspire respect by being productive and showing the way.
  • Managers set goals for other, but leaders help others set their own goals.
  • Managers impose accountability, but leaders give ownership.
  • Managers please their higher-ups, but leaders serve their team
  • Managers keep people from making mistakes, but leaders allow people to learn from their mistakes.
  • Managers promote themselves, but a leader promotes others.
  • Managers browbeat people, but a leader motivates people to make meaning.

What will you do to develop your team?

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