thinkbiggerOut-In-Out Principle:


  • Look out and see what needs to be changed.
  • See the blind spots of your organization.
  • When your emotionally invested in a project your vision is fuzzy.
  • You can’t read the label when you’re in the bottle.
  • You can’t change what you don’t see


  • You can’t squeeze a grapefruit idea into a pea-sized brain.
  • If you want to do big things, you first have to be a big person.
  • If you can become a great person, you’ll do great things.
  • Concentrate on being a big person.


  • Act out the strategy.
  • Action is what separates winders from losers.
  • If you want to have a great organization, you need to be a great leader.
  • You teach what you know but you produce who you are.

What are you going to do today to improve yourself?

  • You get from yourself, what you demand from yourself.
  • Continue to demand more from you.
  • You always give up mentally before you give up physically.
  • Live in an excuse-free zone.
  • Success is not based on need but on seed.
  • Sow the seeds of determination and stick-to-it-ness.

E + R = O

  • Events + Response = Outcome.
  • Your events do not equal your outcome.
  • Your response equals your outcomes.
  • The only thing you can control is your response.
  • Become bigger so you become better.
  • Your outcomes are based on your response.

2 questions that help you take control:

What can I do to make it a little bit better?

How can I improve this situation today?

  • Your decisions control your destiny
  • You have made your life.
  • You can make different decisions and change your life.
  • Your response to the events determine your outcomes.
  • Your execution determines your outcomes.