• The culture you create determines the results you enjoy.
  • You can have the seeds of a great organization but a bad culture and fail.
  • If you grow a great culture, you’ll grow a great business.


5 Needs Of A High Trust, High Performance Team

People act out of an unmet need.
People do not do things to hurt you, they do things to get a need met.

1.  Need to Be Respect

Does my supervisor trust me and treat me with respect?
We need people skills to build trust.

2.  Need To Learn And Grow

Do I have an opportunity to increase my knowledge and develop new skills?
We need coaching skills to help people grow.

3. Need To Be An Insider

Does my leader value my contribution and care about my well being?
We need listening skills to help people feel connected.

4.  Need For Meaning

Does the mission of my organization make me feel proud?
We need team skill to increase commitment.

5.  Need To Be A Part Of A Winning Team


4 Skills of A High Trust High Performance Leader:

  • People Skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Team Building Skills

What do you do to develop these skills?