The best leaders are those that realize failure isn’t an option.  

I’ve got your attention, don’t I?  Here’s what I mean. The best leaders are the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously.  They understand that life is a cycle of research and development.  They commit to the idea that they can win or they can learn.  I’m a huge believer in the fact that we never truly fail if we are committed to learning and growing from our mistakes.

These types of leaders know that what brought them here won’t get them where they want to go.  They seek out opportunities to learn and get better and create spaces where their teams feel safe to do the same.

Leaders who embrace self-leadership understand that when they get better, their teams get better.  They have seen that they teach what they know but produce who they are.  That’s why it’s so important for leaders to learn from their mistakes instead of beating themselves up over them.  Not only are they too hard on themselves and too focused on the past to move forward; they are too hard on their teams and teach their teams to think in that same broken pattern.

When you lead yourself well, you’re able to manage your emotions.  

This is very important because when you’re emotional with your team, you can’t communicate clearly.  Emotional leaders create confused teams and exacerbate drama.  You are ridiculously in charge of yourself.  There’s so much power in that.

YOU are in charge of YOU.  

In many ways, taking immense responsibility for yourself is a MASSIVE piece of mastering self-leadership.  Whatever you make excuses for, you can’t change.  You can only change what you decide to own.

What things do you need to take responsibility for?  How can you get better today?