Harnessing The Hidden Power of Care

CarePeople Feel Care

John Maxwell says, “People don’t care how you know until they know how much you care.”  I’ve realized that I can make alot of mistakes in dealing with people but if they simply know I care, they will still help me.  As a speaker and trainer, I know that I can’t help people if I don’t care.  People feel care.  It’s not just the words you say but it’s an attitude.  Have you ever felt like someone didn’t care?  If you’re like me, you ran from their presence.  Sometimes, people really do care but they don’t know how to express it.  Have you told someone today that you care?  Care just might be the hidden puzzle piece you’ve been missing!

Care Creates What Money Can’t Buy

People always perform better for leaders that aren’t just interested in their production but who also express an interest in them as people.  If others feel that I have them around only for what I can get, they eventually leave.  As a leader, I not only need to have people buy into my dream, but first, I’ve got to buy into their dreams.  Do you know the dreams of the people around you?  Maybe they want to buy a new house or to send their kids to college?  When you assist them in achieving their dreams, people will not only give you their time, but also their passion and loyalty.  These are the things money can’t buy.

Care Produces Results

Great coaches have the ability to draw the best out of people.  One of the best college coaches, Mike Krzyzewski said, “I can never get results if my players don’t know I care for them.”  Ask yourself, “How can I help each team member accomplish his or her personal goals?”  As a leader you have to care for the interests of your people.  When you do this, people give you results.

Transparency Creates Care

My secret technique to showing care is practicing the art of transparency.  When you’re transparent with people and show them your heart, they will want to share their thoughts and ideas with you.  One mistake people make is trying to convince people through their strengths.  The opposite is true, you touch and convince people faster when you show your humanity.  I’m not say you tell all your secrets to everyone, but as a leader, people need to know you’re just like them!  At times, you’ve got struggles and challenges.  Great leaders have perfected the art of transparency.  They show just enough to let people see into them and touch their hearts.  In return for touching their hearts, people give them their hands.

What technique do you use to show care?

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