How To Be A Great Follower

FollowerWho Does What You Want To Do?

A lot of my talks are centered around the theme:  Find who has done what you want to do and emulate them.  In some form or fashion my keynotes revolve around this topic.  This is true for most speakers, you’ll notice a theme because great communicators have tapped into their core strengths.  What are you doing to tap into your core strengths?

Part of my core strengths is discovering success clues and sharing them with others, it’s part of my passion!  Developing following skills is a key reason why I’m good at this.  Good news, it’s more attitude than aptitude.  These attitudes have become my secret sauce to achieving everything I’ve wanted in life.  I’ve developed the thinking style of a follower and learn faster than I ever could from just reading a book

The Five Thinking Styles of a Great Follower:

1.  A leaders hindsight is my foresight

Life is too short to make all the mistakes on your own.  One of the cheapest ways to success is to learn from someone else’s mistakes.  It’s easier because I’m not emotionally tied to them.  It’s a great gift when other people allow you to look into their rearview mirror and learn what they did wrong.

2.  A leader gives me permission to succeed

Their life is living proof that it can be done.  They have done what I want to do!  When Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile, 10 years later 336 people also did it.  For years, they said it was impossible, but when one made did it, others found a way too.  These runners were exposed to possibilities.  Do you know the 1936 Olympic records were the qualifying standards for the 1972 Olympics?

3.  A leader upgrades me

A leaders floor can become your ceiling.  Their success can be a spring board to a higher level.  When I associate with people that are steps ahead of me, I begin to think how they think.  What I thought was expensive becomes cheap.  What I thought what was success is really not significant.  Thinking is more caught than taught.  It’s vital to get an upgrade through your relationships.

4.  A leader is my change agent

Change is a team sport.  God never created people to change alone.  With each new advancement comes new challenges.  A leader helps me know how to modify for the new challenges I’m facing.  My leaders suggestions become my commands!  When they mention a book, I go buy it!  If they recommend a conference, I register too!  If it helped them, I’m eager to find out why!

5.  A leaders opens the tool box for me

“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the end, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success”  A leaders wisdom is what sharpens my ax.  In order to accomplish more I need a sharp ax.  My ax is the gift in me that creates value for others.  A leader’s wisdom sharpens my ax.  I need someone who has traveled the road before me and can point out the potholes on the road to success.

Which thinking style do you need to develop?

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