How To Be A Problem Solver

problem solutionsBig People Solve Big Problems

How do you look at problems?  Some see a problem, become paralyzed and don’t move forward.  Others see a problem, recognize it as an opportunity and create a solution.  It can be the same problem but different people respond differently.  This is why I ned to become a bigger person.  Bigger people have the ability to solve bigger problems.  What do you see when you’re confronted with a problem?  Do you need a crisis or do you see opportunity?  You will only create solutions when you see the opportunity!

You were created to solve some kind of problem for someone

What problem were you created to solve?  Accountants solve accounting problems, doctors solve health problems, mechanics fix car problems.  Recognizing the problem you were created to solve is the first step to understanding your purpose.  What problem do you love to solve?  It’s a clue to what you’re called to do.  What problem makes you mad?  MADD was started simply because a mother got mad about drunk driving.  What angers you is a clue to what you’re suppose to correct.  What makes you mad?

You will be pursued for the problems you solve

Your economic value is in direct relation to the problem you solve and who you solve it for.  This is good news because if you need to increase your income you’ve just got to learn to solve a bigger problem.  Money is simply a reward for solving problems, this means, you’re someone’s reward!  Problems create opportunities to reveal your significance to other people.  I know that I continue to add value I will also be valuable.  Where can you add more value?

You will always remember anyone who solves a major problem for you

There are people I will never forget because of what they’ve done for me.  In fact, if they called me today and needed help, I would drop everything for them.  The way to make yourself memorable is to become a problem solver for people.  I make it my aim to recognize and celebrate the problem solvers in my life.  What about you, who can you celebrate today?

How can you solve bigger problems?


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