How to be Healthy in Every Area in 2019

The beginning of a new year is a natural time for reflection.  We all tend to look back at the previous year to help guide where we want to go – and not go – in the new year.  We all want to get better from year-to-year and become happier, healthier versions of ourselves.

That’s why I’m so passionate about eliminating drama.

When we remove drama, we can think logically and make more happen in less time.  The beauty there is that results professionally give us more time personally.  When we become intentioned, focused people that create results, we can better utilize our time to allow for a more well-rounded life.

I don’t want to be busy in 2019.  I want to work smarter and create results and great outcomes, and I want to do it with less stress in less time.  

I bet you do too.

And I’ve seen that nothing wars against great results and overall health like the drama of busyness.  My coach often reminds me that it’s really important to know what you want.  It’s usually easy to articulate what we don’t want, but what about what we really actually want?  When we know what we want, we know what to do.  We get off the busy bus and punch our ticket for the productivity train.

I used to say “Oh my gosh! I’m SO busy.  I’m SO busy,” and I put myself in an emotional frenzy.  Nobody wants that. We want to act with logic and wisdom instead of allowing emotion and frustration – drama – to rule the day.

My hope for 2019 is that we as leaders would get serious about our focus- not just what we give our yes to but what we choose to say no to.  The power of your life is in the focus of your life.  Let’s get passionate about what we are on this earth to do and laser-focus on that.  It’ll help us become the best versions of ourselves professionally and personally.

That’s something to get excited about in 2019.

Are you stuck in frustration?

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