(Excerpt from my new book:  Maximize Your Influence)

Find the gold in peopleWhat’s the gold inside of this person?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the golden rule; do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.  It’s one of the greatest truths to live by.  I’ve created another Golden Rule that I think is just as powerful:  There is gold inside of everyone.  When you approach people with this mindset, it’s easier to deal with them.  Using the question, “where is the gold in this person?” causes you to search for the gold.  It directs your thinking to the gold not the dirt!

Focus on the Gold

When a miner enters the mine, he is searching for gold.  He is not focused on the dirt.  He knows he’ll encounter dirt, but his eye is on finding gold.  Just as a miner at times has to remove tons of dirt to find just a little bit of gold, it’s like that working with people.  With some you’ll have to remove tons of dirt but if you look for the gold, you will find it!  With other’s its’ easier, there might be hardly any dirt and tons of gold.  When you learn to look for the gold, it becomes easier to bring out the best in people.  So the next time you’re speaking with someone, ask yourself, “what’s the gold in this person?”

Who In Your Life Do You Need to Focus on Finding the Gold?