How To Connect With Anyone

Find Someone’s GPS

Success Requires People

No matter where you want to be in life, you can’t get there alone.  I tried to do it alone and failed!  I know a lot of people take the Lone Ranger approach and believe they don’t need anyone.  That attitude breeds failure.  Success in life is based on people doing transactions.  You can’t succeed without people.  No matter what business you think you’re in, you are in the people business!  I know for me to succeed, it will take a whole lot of people that want me to succeed.  the opposite is also true, if people don’t like you, they will help you fail.  Success or failure depends on how well you can connect with others.

How Can You Help People?

Everywhere I’ve gotten in life has been through a bridge of relationship.  Someone opened an opportunity for me.  It will be the same for you.  To get anywhere in life requires help.  The quickest way to get this assistance is for you to first help others!  When I help others, they help me.  For me it’s connecting and sharing my knowledge, my resources, my time, energy, friends, associations and compassion in order to add value to others.  What about you, how can you help people?

Connect Before You Help

In order to help people I’ve first got to connect with them.  I’ve done this by finding ways to become a part of what interests them.  Everyone that I meet, I try to find their GPS.  Your car probably has a navigation system and so do people.  I call it their GPS (Goals, Passions and Struggles).  When you discover someone’s GPS you learn How To Understand People.  Here are some key questions to use to discover someone’s GPS

Goals:  What is an outcome you want to see?  What do you want to achieve this year?

Passions:  Why is that important to you?

Struggles:  What challenges do people usually have in this line of work? (funny thing about this question, people usually give you not their industry struggles, but their personal struggles)

I don’t do this to manipulate people.  Honestly, people can see right through that.  If you use these questions to control others, they will see right through you.  These questions work when you come from a place of generosity and authenticity.  I always try to be generous with my knowledge and connections.  I always try to come across as real.  Every conversation is an invitation to reveal the real you.

Who do you need to connect with today? 



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