How To Create Responsibility In Your Team

dramaFocus on your Team

Unfortunately I know a lot of people that are so focused on their needs that they rarely take into account the needs of others.  When you’ve got a team of people helping you, you must take some responsibility for them.  They also have a family, kids and dreams.  Sometimes we get caught in the trap of thinking, “How cheap can I hire them?”  Lose that mentality.  It’s poverty thinking!  Never think how cheap can I get someone.  Leaders ask me at times, “Dennis it seems like I have a bunch of monkeys working for me?”  Unfortunately I have to tell them, “When you pay peanuts, all you get are monkeys.”  Monkeys work for peanuts, achievers work for opportunity.

Your Team is a Reflection of You

Responsibility flows from the top down.  You can never expect your team to take responsibility for their actions if you’re not willing to be accountable for yours.  There really are only 2 types of thinking:  Drama-Thinking or Responsibility-Thinking.  Drama thinking blames others for their failures.  When you’re thinking drama, you’re the victim.  Being responsible means you’re accountable for where you are in life.  You are where you are because of the decisions you’ve made.  You are a product of your decisions.  Thinking responsible keeps you in control of your life.

Your Team Takes Responsibility When You Do

Be careful never to blame others for your failures.  Whenever I blame or make excuses I excuse myself.  If I’m blaming I forfeit the ability to change.  I understand you might have had someone steal from you, but you were the one who got into that relationship in the first place.  Blaming never fixes your problems.  The first step to changing situations is to accept responsibility.  I’ve learned to take the motto, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”  I’m in charge of my life not others.  Something amazing happens when you adopt a responsibility attitude.  Those around you will catch it too!  Remember, you’re producing who you are!

How Do You Stay Responsibility Focused?

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