How to Develop a Daily Routine

RoutineThe secret to your success is hidden in your daily routine

One of the greatest thrills of my is my travel schedule.  I love being in new places meeting new people, but it’s also one of my greatest challenges.  Do you have the same dichotomy in some arena of your life?  Do you have something that you love, that you also dislike a portion of the activity?  WIth traveling I’m always in a new environment and it’s hard to develop a routine.  The secret to my success has been my daily routine!

No Routine, No Control

Developing a rhythm to everyday, no matter what you do or where you are is a great way to combat the out of control feeling.  If you feel out of control, you need a routine!  Whatever you have a routine for, you have power over.  No routine for health or exercise?  No personal power in that arena.  No rhtyhm for saving and investing your money?  Your finances are probably out of whack!

Anchors Create Routine

Creating anchors for each morning defines the rhtyhm you need to start the day out with a sense of control and peace.  Because I’m in a different city and environment it’s easy for me to feel out of control.  Designing a morning ritual allows me to stay focused.  Whatever you develop a rthym for becomes an authority in your life and whatever has authority, controls you!

Here’s my Top 3 Routine:

  1. Take Time To Journal (to help me mentally and emotionally)
  2. Take Time To Read My Bible (to help me spiritually)
  3. Take Time To Exercise (to help me physically)

Notice I said, “Take the time..”  When you seize your time, you seize your life!

What are the top 3 anchors you need to develop to create a daily rhythm?

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