How to Increase Commitment

commitment3 Commitments I’m Making To Myself in 2013

Nothing changes until you make it a must.  There are thousands of things I can do, hundreds of things I should do, but really only a few things I must do.  Here are my 3 musts for this year that are helping me change!

I Must Commit to Stretch Myself

I’ve taken the thought that if I can’t do it, then I must!  Until I began to adopt this mindset I’ll never knew what I was capable of.  Most success comes from stretching beyond what you think you actually can do.  An interesting fact about stretching is it usually involves some sort of pain.  Every place in life has a pain attached to it so when you think about where you want to go this year, ask yourself, “Am I willing to endure the pain of that place?”

I Must Commit to Be Responsible

I’m learning to be hard on myself and soft on other people.  I’m not going to enter The Drama Triangle but I’m going to demand from myself what I need.  I’m continually reminded that we live life from the inside-out which means God has already given me everything I need for life and godliness.  Learning the phrase, “All I need is within me now” has catapulted my thinking into a new level.  I’m committing to get the most out of every day in 2013

I Must Commit to Be Flexible

Flexibility is the ultimate power.  I’ve discovered it’s the person with the most flexibility controls the situation.  Flexibility allows you to see more options and possibilities.  In fact, genius is simply the ability to see differently.  Some people look at situations and see the problem, but great achievers can see the opportunity hidden in the problem.  The opportunity is always there if we’re flexible enough to look for it.  There is always a way if you’re flexible enough!

What are the commitments you’re making to yourself in 2013?


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