How to Love Your Job

Work_That_You_LoveLoving Your Job

Driving to the airport on Monday morning I was listening to an audiobook by Zig Ziglar.  It was a great motivational way to start the morning!  When you get a good start to the day it’s amazing how well the rest of your day tends to go.  This is Why Focus is Important.

Zig mentioned a particular exercise that he did that changed how he thought about his work.  Since success leaves clues, I thought it might a good idea to take a clue from Zig and see if the action he mentioned might help me change my focus.  It’s a simple, yet powerful exercise that you might want to try today:

Make a List of 10 Things You Love About Your Job

It took me about 1 minute to do this while I was sitting at the airport and I was amazed about how my perspective changed.  Here is my list

  1. I get to travel and see many different places
  2. I get to help a wide variety of people
  3. I get to work in many different industries
  4. The problems always tend to be different
  5. I get to work with leaders and achievers that are going places
  6. There is no limit to how many people I can help
  7. There is a continuous demand on my creativity
  8. I’m in charge of my schedule

Seeing the Good Puts You in a Creative Space

It took me about 1 minute to quickly get 8 things on my list and I immediately got a renewed energy for my future.  In fact, I got so excited I didn’t even finish my list to 10!  We live in a negative world where it’s very easy to see problems.  Part of my lifestyle change in 2013 is to begin to see the good in every situation.  Seeing the good doesn’t necessarily mean things change but they put you in a creative space where solutions begin to appear.

What is your “What I Love About My Job” list?


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