How To Produce Great Team Members

fruitWhat Kind Of Fruit Does Your Life Produce?

My favorite leader, Jesus of Nazareth, spoke a lot about this subject.  He said we would know a tree by the fruit that it produced.  I can tell a lot about a person by what his life produces.  I know that if I get around an apple tree I better step on apples.  You’d never find pears under an apple tree.  What do people see when they get around you?  Do they see care, love, confidence or joy?  Or do they see anger, bitterness and fear?  You live your life from the inside out.  If it manifests on the outside it first began on the inside. This is why personal development is vital to grow as a leader.  I’m always working hard on the inside so I perform exceptionally on the outside.

We Teach What We Know But We Produce Who We Are

You do not produce what you teach but who you are.  I can learn a lot about a person when I look at people they bring along side of them.  Becoming people smart is not just a set of skills that you need to obtain but it’s more of a character and heart issue.  It’s first about having the right mindset before you obtain the skills.  This is why many miss it.  They tell me, ‘Dennis just give me the information.”  Information never helps anyone until they put it into application.  True application occurs when the information transforms our thinking. Transformation occurs on the inside.  Transformation is about changing your mindset from task focused to people focused.

Producing The Right Fruit Leads To Persuasion

Persuasion is a powerful selling tool but many mistake it for manipulation.  Persuasion means getting things done through kindness.  It’s not about trying to control people.  You persuade people when the fruit of kindness shows up in your life and it will never happen until kindness first gets on the inside of you.  Don’t fool yourself; what’s on the inside of you eventually will come out.  The fruit that a people person produces is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  When your life produces this fruit, you become a person others want to be around.  I want to be a person that other people want to be around so I give my life to creating these attributes.

What kind of fruit is your life producing?

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