Your Passion Creates Your Destination

Passion is so powerful because it’s intrinsic.  Many times when leaders try to motivate people they do it extrinsically, “more money” is the classic example.  The problem is, this hardly every works.  Try connecting with your why and the how-to will appear.  Your why is attached to your passion, It’s a self-authored motivation that drives your life.  Passion creates destination, because when your heart clearly decides where it wants to go, then your mind will begin to draw the map.  Everything starts with passion.

Passion Brings Understanding

Clarity is power!  You can only communicate your passions to others when they become crystal clear to you.  Have you ever felt like no one really “got” you?  When people are not understood they feel lonely.  A key to being understood is the ability to communicate your passions.  This is your why.  Why do you do what you do?  When it’s clear to you, you can make it clear to others and understanding follows.  Simon Sinek says, “People connect to your why before they connect to your what”.

4 Questions to Get Clear on Passion

  1. How excited are you to get to work in the morning? – When you’re in the right environment, your greatness emerges
  2. How much do you enjoy what you do? – What you do should flow out of who you are
  3. Who are you at your best? – Living in a state of flow produces freedom
  4. Is the life I’m living worth what I am giving up to have it? – Life is all about trade-off’s

What other questions do you use in getting clarity on your passion?