How to Understand People

people skillsYou Can’t Do It Alone

For you to accomplish your goals, it requires people to help you.  You can’t do it alone!  Success demands that you form relationships with people that can help you succeed.  Since business is simply people doing transactions, it becomes imperative for me to connect with people in order for my business to grow.  It takes an ability to connect with people.  The greater the dream, the greater the people skills you’ve got to develop!

The Six Needs of People

Understanding the six needs of people is the first step in connecting with them.  When people’s core needs are met, connecting is much easier.  When there is a disconnect with people, misunderstandings occur.  Misunderstanding always affects the speed getting projects completed.  The deeper the connection I can make, the faster people assist me in reaching my goals.  People won’t help you until you first connect with them.

People need to be encouraged

We live in a world that is based in negativity.  Negativity sells, just watch the news!  Instead of discouraging others by pointing out their faults, encourage them by pointing out their greatness!  Who do you need to encourage?

People need to be appreciated

You don’t want to stay in relationships where you are undervalued.  Appreciate people not just for what they do, but also for who they are.  When you express appreciation, people feel like a valuable partner.  Who do you need to appreciate?

People need to be forgiven

Everyone will miss it.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Learn to be hard on yourself but soft on others.  You’re not perfect so don’t expect others to be.  Forgiveness is a sign of emotional strength.  When you won’t forgive it makes you weak.  Who do you need to forgive?

People need to be listened to

There is a difference between hearing and listening.  Active listening requires you to be mentally and emotionally present.  When I’m in a conversation I’m working on focusing on that person.  Be wherever you are!  Who do you need to listen to?

People need to be understood

If you’re not understood, you feel lonely.  This is why people can be in a crowded room but still feel alone.  Understanding someone, even if you don’t agree, build a bridge of trust.  Who do you need to understand?

People need to be believed in

The mark of a great leader is how they make us feel while we’re in their presence.  We all like to be around people that make us feel bigger when we’re with them.  Great leaders have a belief in people that spurs them on to great achievement.  Who do you need to believe in?

Which of the six needs do you need to work on?

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