If You Want To Accomplish More, Do Less

One ThingThe Less You Do, the More You Accomplish

It’s a dirty little leadership secret, but it’s true, the less you do the more you accomplish   Gaining clarity on what brings the most value to your organization and focusing energy there, accelerates growth.  When you’re young, you try to prove yourself by doing everything.  This was true about me. I thought I could do it all. One of my biggest mistakes was allowing my time to be eaten up with things that were not my core competencies.  I was devoting time and energy to activities that I would never be good at.  All it did was frustrate me and my team.

Do Your Thing

The biggest leadership myth is that a good leader has to be good at everything.  My leadership changed when I realized I didn’t have to be good at everything.  I just had to be good at MY thing.  One of the secrets to success is discovering YOUR thing.  Here’s three questions to discover your thing:

  1. What are the 2 things that you and only you are responsible for?
  2. What is success in your position?
  3. What comes easily to you that other people think is hard?

Become Great At Your One Thing and Accomplish More

The answers to these questions direct where you focus your energy.  It’s where you excel and add the most value to your relationships and organization.  Discover what your good at and become great.  I’m a good communicator but a horrible manager.  My core question is, “How can I be a great communicator?”  I’m a good visionary but a poor follow-up person.  I ask myself, “How can I be a great visionary?”  Don’t settle for good, but improve your one thing and become.

What Do You Need To Be Great At?

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