I wanted to give everyone a preview of my new webinar series, “Strategy Execution”.  In researching high-performance organizations I’ve found 3 attributes:

Top Performance Organizations are Learning

Learning is the pathway to continual mastery in any endeavor.  It’s only through learning that we continually re-create ourselves.  A learning organization is one that continually expands it’s capacity to create the future.

What are you learning?

Top Performance Organizations are Leading

One of the most difficult decisions a leader has to make is choosing what they can be great at.  This is a question of focus.  Focus is hard because it eliminates options and holds us responsible.

What can you truely be great at?

Top Performance Organizations are Lasting

As an organization grows it becomes more complex.  The ability to build structure to handle complexity and predict the future is a major attribute of lasting organizations.  Your capacity to grow is directly related to your pain tolerance because no organization can rise above the constraints of it’s leadership.

How much pain are you willing to endure?

Keep Learning, Keep Leading, and Last!  The prize is worth the price!