How to Make Your Ideas Happen

What’s Your Take Away?

On my flight home from Boston I finished the book Making Ideas Happen.  Something that is totally exciting for me is that it was actually a book my son Andrew discovered, purchased and now I’m benefitting from his development.  It’s very cool to see your kids grow and become amazing adults!  I’m typing this blog on my flight home from Boston and wanted to give you my key take aways from this book.  The take away is actually a concept that has increased my personal development.  Whenever I read something I always ask myself, “What’s my take away?”  I don’t think it makes sense to read and not have a key take away.  So when you finish reading something, ask yourself, “what’s your take away?”

Productivity Tips

  • The ideas that move industries forward are not the result of tremendous creative insight but rather of masterful stewardship

  • Productivity is really about how well you are able to make an impact in what matters most to you

  • The journey to a productive life starts with a candid self assessment of who you are, your tendencies and the greatest barriers before you

  • Creativity x Organization = Impact

  • Every idea is a project with Action Steps.  No actions steps = No results

  • Energy is your most precious commodity

  • Create windows of time during your day dedicated to uninterrupted project focus (make time to “make”)

  • When people are saying they want new ideas, what they are really saying is they can’t execute

  • Meetings have little value without actionable outcomes.  End each meeting with action items captured.

  • Deadlines help us manage our energy and execute our ideas.  Our productivity desperately requires restrictions

  • Learn to seek partners on a project basis.  Don’t pursue an idea without the right partner.

  • Learn to make something cool everyday

  • Self-leadership is about awareness, tolerance and not letting your natural tendencies limit your potential

  • Entrepreneurs are not the ones with the best ideas, they’re the ones willing to jump off a cliff without the answers

Readers are leaders! Take the time today to develop the habit of reading something relevant to your industry everyday.  Even if it’s 5 minutes, it’s an investment that’s well worth it.  Investing in yourself pays amazing dividends.

What books have made an impact in your life lately?

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