Combing your Passion with a Plan

2 Keys You Need for Top Performance

For our memorial day we spent the day in downtown Greenville to witness the U.S. National Cycling Championships.  This is a 4 hour race through the downtown streets and nearby mountains of the upstate of South Carolina.  As I’m watching the race, sitting at a small restaurant with my family watching the bikes whiz by, I was thinking, “What does it take for someone to want to compete in this type of race?”  This was an amazing display of athletecism.  I believe these great athletes understand performance.  Here’s a couple of things these champions have done to get to this level:

Discover Your Passion

These athletes are different than other sports professionals.  There is not a tremendous amount of revenue as there are in others sports.  When there is little money, there must be passion!  Passion drives performance.  What are you passionate about?

Develop Your Plan

I noticed these athletes have hardly any body fat!  You don’t get to this point of health without a process.  It takes a plan to achieve the health to compete at this level.  Even though passion begins the dream, you won’t fulfill the dream without a plan.  What are you planning?

Your Passion + Your Process = Your Life Product

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