Emotionally Intelligent

Becoming less reactive and more interactive






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Thinking Tools

Discover the tools you need to stay calm under pressure, communicate better, and build strong relationships. No more losing your cool or struggling to get the results you want. The Emotionally Intelligent course equips you to master your emotions so you can reclaim joy, increase confidence, and transform your life—personally and professionally.

This is for

  • Overwhelmed managers
  • Team leaders struggling to get results
  • Professionals who lose their cool
  • Leaders ready to harness their emotions 

This will help

  • Tap into the power of frustration & stress
  • Foster collaboration
  • Conflict resolution skills. 
  • Identifying your blind spots. 
  • Reclaim joy and fulfillment
Module 1
The Gift of Drama
Module 2
What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel?
Module 3
Controlling the Drama Within
Module 4
Communicating Externally
Module 5
The Best Leaders Are the Best Storytellers

This course has empowered me to see myself as the powerful leader I am and want to become. I now see how asking my 2 1/2 year old son the powerful questions I learned in this study and adjusting them for him. they are "do you want to do this or do you want to do that?" and empowering him to chose and take responsibility and me staying in control of the conversation. The ultimate test! if it works for a 2/12 year old you know its got be good! There are so many incredible tools I gained from this course! I feel more powerful in handling excuses and challenges my clients bring to me and finding out what is under the iceberg and building their trust in me. I could go on and on but you got to do this course for yourself and lessen the stress and load and see how your team can do those things you really want them to do for themselves.

Judd Palmer
Judd Palmer Consulting

Our experience with Dennis and the Leadership Development Group's Emotional Intelligence training has been transformative! It's equipped our management team at Guadalupe Credit Union with essential skills for managing emotions and enhancing communication. The positive change in our approach to handling challenging situations is evident, leading to a more cohesive and empowered team dynamic. I highly recommend this program for any organization looking to elevate leadership capabilities and promote effective communication and emotional resilience.

Tanya R.
CEO, Guadalupe Credit Union

Every [Emotionally Intelligent Course] module that we do we can directly associate it with something that's happening in our professional lives right now. It's really helped us getting through that transition.

Manager Lead

I like having tools to guide discussions. I tend to overthink things and [the Emotionally Intelligent Course] helps me not do so much of that.


I have actually been using the ruler [from the Emotionally Intelligent Course] because I get overworked and I start overthinking. So when I'm doing that at home, I remember the ruler and think, "Is this a zero or a one hundred?" If it's a zero or a one, then my brain says, "It's only a zero, so you can fix it tomorrow or work on it later," and it's all okay.

May 8, 2024
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