Questions to Remove Your Mental Lid

I did it again and signed up for another half-marathon.  Crazy, right? Sometimes I think so. However, I’ve become a bit obsessed with what’s actually possible for me.  I’ve started to wonder, “How far can I really go?” “What else is possible for me?” Now my wife and I are actually talking about running a full marathon next year.  Something we would never have dreamed of a couple of years ago.

People that grow think the same way!  They continually ask themselves, “How far can I go?” and “What else is possible with my team?”  They are always stretching themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. Limits are merely mental lids that we’ve placed on ourselves.  People always give up mentally before they quit physically.

In my consulting practice with leaders, I’ve discovered that there are 2 components leaders must continue to grow in: Character and Competency.  You can’t put a limit on how far you can grow in your skills and integrity.  The most successful leaders know you can’t grow one without the other and be effective.  They are the two legs of leadership. Just as a person with one leg shorter than the other has more difficulty running fast, leaders with unequal amounts of character and competency experience problems going far.


The 2 Components of Character:  Transparency and Thoughtfulness

Your transparency and your thoughtfulness.  People trust what they can see. Using transparency by sharing your why and your meaning helps others buy into you.  The quickest way to get someone’s heart is by sharing yours first. Being thoughtful means you put someone else’s dreams ahead of your own.  Just like Zig Ziglar once said, “The way to get what you want is first to help others get what they want.”


The 2 Components of Competency:  Credibility and Constants

You can’t lead in areas you’re not credible.  I’m always working on developing my skills, talents, and abilities.  Because when I get better, my team gets better. However, I’m not just focusing on skills but being constant.  When you’re constant, you’re reliable. You keep your promises and follow through. Nothing makes a better impression than doing what you say you’ll do.


4 Questions To Ask Yourself:

Transparency:  Are you letting your team see into you?

Thoughtfulness:  What are you doing to help the dreams of the people around you come true?

Credibility:  What skills do you need to increase?

Constant:  Are you keeping your word?

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