A Quick Guide to Solving Problems

We are all Paid to Solve Problems

In life we are all paid to solve problems.  In fact, your compensation is directly related to the problem you solve.  This is simple math, if you want better compensation, solve more complex problems!  In fact, without problems we would never reach our full potential.  It’s the challenges we fact that allow us to grow and expand!

One important principle we teach our clients is to spend 80 percent of your time on the solution not just focusing on the problem.  A common practice, when issues occur is for people to spend time asking themselves, “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why do I have to do this?”.  All this strategy does is to whip you into an emotional frenzy called overwhelm!  When you’re in overwhelm, you can’t fix the problem!

Problem Solving Questions

1.  What is great about this problem?/ What could be great about this? Solutions are found when you stay positive.

2.  What’s not perfect yet? This presupposes that it can be perfect.

3.  What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it? Action is what separates winners from losers.

4.  How can I do what’s necessary to get the job done and enjoy the process? Take action and monitor the outcome.

You have the resources inside of you to solve the problem, you just have to ask yourself the right questions!  What other questions can you ask yourself?

Are you stuck in frustration?

Are you stuck in frustration? Wasting time reacting to others instead of focusing on what matters most?

The Trigger Identifier™ is a six step proven process to help you become less reactive and more strategic. Because every problem has an emotion attached to it, you can get stuck in an endless cycle of stress and drama. But when you understand your triggers, you’ll harness the power of your emotions faster and easier.