How You Can Stay out of the Drama Triangle

How to stay out of the drama triangleLast Thursday I spoke at the Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce.  Many of the participants told me that one of their major take-aways was an understanding of how not to enter the The Drama Triangle.  I think it works with people, the way the Bermuda Triangle works with planes.  We’ve heard of planes entering the Bermuda Triangle then never being heard from again.  I’ve seen the same with the Drama Triangle.  Sometimes when people enter into it, they can never get out.

2 Ways to Keep Yourself Drama-Free

Increase your level of Awareness

The drama triangle can be very subtle.  It’s key to have relationships that will speak into your life when they see you entering into the “drama zone”.  Who do you have to give you the feedback you need for high performance?  When was the last time you asked for feedback?

Increase your level of Responsibility

Only when you realize that you are 100% responsibility for your life, will you begin to grow and change.  As long as you operate in the role of blamer, victim or persecutor you never make a difference.  Once of the best definitions I’ve heard of responsibility is the ability to be response-able.  When you’re responsible, you’re able to respond positively to anything life throws at you.  Don’t be reactive but increase your ability to respond.  What area of your life (spiritual, financial, health, relationships or career) do you need to increase your ability to respond?  Who can help hold you accountable to increase your responsibility?

The difference between winners and losers is that winners do habitually what losers do only occasionally.  Stay out of the drama and make a difference!  Are there any other strategies you have for staying drama-free?


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