The One Thing You Need For Better Decisions

decisionsCreate An Environment of Trust for Better Decisions

The foundation of all high-trust high-performance cultures is trust.  Trust is the life blood of relationships and companies.  The deeper the trust, the better the discussion.  The better the discussion, the better the decisions.  Better decisions create better results.

The Best Decisions Possess The Best Wisdom

Breakthrough decisions demand robust dialogue where everyone contributes.  If you only hear the loudest voices you risk making decisions based on communication style rather than substance.  The boisterous voices don’t always possess the best wisdom.

One Practice To Solicit Better Wisdom

During your meetings make a habit of “going around the table” every fifteen minutes asking team members what they think.  This practice creates a more controlled dialogue.  When you solicit these ideas don’t allow interruption or feedback from others.

Creating a Safe Place Is The Best Practice

Creating this safe place is a top priority or high-performance leaders.  When individuals are not challenged or attacked, the best ideas surface.  This practice also quiets dominant people long enough to get all the ideas out on the table.  Your quiet people need more encouragement.  What you’ll discover is those people sometimes have the best ideas!

What is your process for soliciting better ideas?

Are you stuck in frustration?

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