What Environment Do You Thrive In?

What Environment Do You Thrive In?

I love working with entrepreneurial organizations!  There are opportunities within smaller companies that aren’t available in larger organizations.  In smaller environments there is an opportunity to make a real and lasting difference.  You can quickly see, touch and feel the results of your efforts.  You can garner far more responsibility faster than you would following a corporate track.  Do you thrive more in an entrepreneurial or a corporate environment?  It’s important to know!  Just like there are certain plants that grow in particular places, it’s the same with you.  There is a preferred environment that will allow your talents to shine.

3 Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Team Members:

  • They are Value-Driven:

    To be able to create value, you’ve got to come to work completely engaged.  If you have to be managed, checked up on or cajoled into getting things done, you won’t fit in an entrepreneurial culture.  What can you do to increase your value?

  • They Take Initiative:

    We are paid to solve problems.  If you have ideas or suggestions but don’t want to step on anyone’s toes by stating your opinion it will be challenging to play with entrepreneurs.  Are you looking for ways to be proactive, make improvements and propose ideas?

  • They Have an Ownership Mentality:

    Responsible means “able to respond”.  If you’re not taking ownership for your actions behaviors and communication, then you’re powerless to change them or make them better.  Many times I hear people say, “it’s not my job”.  I want to say, “Really?  Is the success of your company important to you?  Then it’s your job.”  Do you have an ownership attitude?

These are the 3 hurdles I’ve faced in training entrepreneurial teams.  If you’re working with an entrepreneur you’ll need these 3 mindsets.

Is there another mindset I’m missing?

Are you stuck in frustration?

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