What’s Needed To Stop The Drama?

Blackboard "Mindset"Be prepared and stop the drama

“This is the most prepared we are have ever been moving into a new year”, Mike shared with me.  It was a different story 5 years ago.  When I first started working with this service based business, there was no planning process.  It was chaotic and stressful.  I could just feel the peace emulating from Mike now.  It was going to be a great year.

Change your mindsets to reduce the drama

I knew there were two mind-set shifts that finally occurred for this team.  In the strategic planning process, this is the biggest battle we all face.  If we can win the battle between the ears, then the battle is won.

Here’s how Mike described the two mindset changes that he developed to reduce his stress and decrease the internal drama:

1.  Right people in the right seats.

Instead of Mike trying to do everything on his own, he began to delegate.  Many people believe they are delegating only to realize they are only dumping.  Delegating is not only releasing a responsibility physically but also mentally.  If you keep asking yourself, “Are they going to do this?”  then youI haven’t truly delegated.  Delegating is more about clearing mental space than physical space.  Mike delegated the marketing plan to another team member he could trust.  This simple act changed his world.

2.  Stop trying to be all things to all people.

It’s such a stress reliever when you lose your messiah complex.  You can’t help everyone, not even the greatest teacher that ever lived, Jesus, could help everyone.  He let the religious leaders of the day to work with fishermen.  He knew who he could help.  When you discover whose success is on your mind, it’s incredibly freeing.  You don’t have to help everyone, but you do need to help someone.  When you discover your target market it shapes what and how you perform your service.  You don’t have to be great at everything to everyone, but you need to be great at something to someone.

What mindsets need to change in order to change your organization?

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