How to get better so your business gets better

MIchael AllossoWhen You Get Better, Your Business Gets Better

Last month I was a part of Michael Allosso’s workshop, “You on Your Best Day”.  If you ever get the opportunity, don’t miss the chance to be in one of his trainings!  A large portion of the day was devoted to working on your personal presentation skills.  It was great to invest the day in getting better.  Your business gets better when you get better so it’s vital to take the time to be introspective and work on you.  Part of the day was working through his checklist on getting better.

The Checklist for Getting Better

  1. Have I really been “present” at every meeting?
  2. Have I contributed?
  3. Did I help someone do their job better?
  4. Did I do some sort of physical warm-up today?
  5. Did I like my physical appearance today?
  6. Did I arrive to work early?
  7. Did I state my objectives for the day?
  8. Did I try a variety of tactics to win at my objective?
  9. Did I greet people as I passed by them today?
  10. Did I include a smile when I passed by them?
  11. Did I listen before I spoke?
  12. Did I offer a concrete suggestion to someone to upgrade their performance?
  13. Did I “check in” with someone on a personal basis?
  14. Did I take one break today?
  15. Did I raise the stakes a little higher than I normally would?
  16. Did I have fun today?
  17. Was everyone with whom I came in contact today a little better afterwards?

Your Questions Drive Your Actions

The questions you ask yourself will direct your thoughts.  It’s your thoughts that are in the drivers seat of your actions.  So if you want a new action you begin with a new question.  I know if I want to change my actions I’ve got to change my questions.  This is Why I Need Coaching!  I need someone in my life to ask me the hard questions so that I can get honest with myself.  Honesty creates freedom and it’s the foundation for change.  When you stop changing others and work on changing yourself, it’s amazing how situations improve!

Which of these questions do you need to ask yourself today?

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