Who determines if you are happy?

When it comes to finding happiness, recent findings of a Harvard study point to personal connections as the most important component of health and happiness. 

But, how do you find happiness?

We love the quote by Dan Sullivan that goes something like this: “Happiness is not something you get–it is something you have already.” 

The key is figuring out how to connect to it. 

We believe it all stems from emotional intelligence, which can be gained through behavioral assessments. These kinds of assessments help you determine how you are wired, what brings you joy, and what absolutely does not. 

If this is something you are interested in, check out our offerings at LDG. Once you have a language to understand how you relate to others and what makes you tick, you will be amazed at what becomes possible. 

Are you stuck in frustration?

Are you stuck in frustration? Wasting time reacting to others instead of focusing on what matters most?

The Trigger Identifier™ is a six step proven process to help you become less reactive and more strategic. Because every problem has an emotion attached to it, you can get stuck in an endless cycle of stress and drama. But when you understand your triggers, you’ll harness the power of your emotions faster and easier.